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Palaeolithic flint hand axe at GODALMING MUSEUM “This Palaeolithic hand axe found at Llanaway is a particularly beautiful flint hand axe. It is the oldest human artefact in Godalming Museum’s collection, and at least 400,000 years old. It always gives me a thrill to handle an object so unimaginably ancient.

Llanaway was a small estate between Godalming and Farncombe owned in the 19th century by the Hallam sisters, who were very involved in local good works. In the early 20th century the last sister sold part of the estate for a new school: Godalming Junior School. After her death the estate was laid out for building, with Hallam and Llanaway Roads continuing the name of the estate and of the family who had lived there for so many years.

The local councillor who donated this hand axe built a house in Llanaway Road, and it is tempting to think that the axe was found during building operations.

Alison Pattison, curator

Photography: Brian Wood. © Godalming Museum”

This is one of our History of Surrey in 50 Objects. It was chosen from around 150 items suggested by the Curators and Collections Officers of Surrey Museums to represent a moment, person or event which shaped or changed our county.

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