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Wanborough Roman Temple Priest’s head-dress.
This is one of the most important Roman objects in Britain. The discovery of artefacts at Wanborough Roman Temple led to major changes in national law following its looting and destruction in the eighties. Archaeologists did manage to recover a small proportion of the objects, including this priest’s head-dress.

Surrey did not exist then as we know it today and was part of the area of the Atrebates tribe. The priest would have been a local leader and would have carried a wooden sceptre with bronze handles at either end. The headdress itself was probably worn attached to a cap. The wheel symbol at the top is linked with the Celtic version of Jupiter; a sun and sky god.

Photography: Brian Wood. © Guildford Museum

This is one of our History of Surrey in 50 Objects. It was chosen from around 150 items suggested by the Curators and Collections Officers of Surrey Museums to represent a moment, person or event which shaped or changed our county.

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