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London Routemaster buses

The Routemaster bus is certainly a UK, if not a worldwide, icon. Nearly 3000 examples were built from the late 1950s until the mid 1960s.

While thousands went to the scrap yard at the end of their working lives, some have found their way into preservation as living, moving museum pieces at London Bus Museum.

Here you will discover the largest collection of working historic London buses in the world, a priceless heritage representing more than 150 years of public transport evolution in the capital.

This particular Routemaster was the third prototype to be built and is unique because it is the only Routemaster bus built in Surrey (by Weymans of Addlestone). The chassis of the bus was made by Leyland. As Weyman failed to gain the main contract for the manufacture of the production Routemaster buses, this superb example remains unique.

It entered service in London in 1958 on route 8 and can now be seen on display at The London Bus Museum within the Brooklands Museum heritage site in Weybridge.

Photography: Brian Wood. © Cobham Bus Museum. London Bus Preservation Trust.

This is one of our History of Surrey in 50 Objects. It was chosen from around 150 items suggested by the Curators and Collections Officers of Surrey Museums to represent a moment, person or event which shaped or changed our county.

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