The Guildford Spike

In 1905, building work began to construct a purpose built Casuals’ Ward to separate the ‘undesirable’ vagrants and their disruptive influence from the structured routine of the main Workhouse and its inmates.

With their filthy clothes, crude language and coarse behaviour, they live a lonely, miserable existence, but for a vagrant in 1906, it’s a way of life………

The Spike is a unique example of an Edwardian casual ward. Built to house vagrants and casual workers, it was once part of the larger Guildford Union Workhouse site.

Come and meet our Tramp Master and experience the sights, sounds and smells of a casual ward in 1906. Discover a working cell and what a vagrant had to do to earn his keep. Explore the lives of the Spike inmates and the type of people who would have stayed here. Learn about the treatment of homeless people, past and present.

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The Guildford Spike
Warren Road,

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