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Online Arts Course: Drawing on the iPad

Type: Event

Location: Phoenix Art Space

Entry: Paid Entry

Event Date: 24/02/2021

End Date: 31/03/2021

Phoenix Art Space and tutor Julian Vilarrubi are delighted to be able to offer you an opportunity to join his class online. This course will demonstrate the ease, versatility and immediacy of the iPad as a drawing and painting tool, exploring the possibilities of digital painting. You will be shown the advantages of working with the tablet and introduced to a number of apps and a range of styluses. Using the Procreate app in particular we will work through the options available and build a knowledge-base of approaches. You will learn about the canvas options, brushes and drawing tools, customizing, importing images, using layers to build up your drawing, the colour picker, saving and organizing your files, playback and exporting. The iPad is such a convenient, portable and immediate tool it encourages us to work in the moment from life. Drawings will be made from direct observation in studio based set-ups as well as the urban landscape. We will focus on the elements and principles of picture making in order to put the iPad through its paces and discover solutions to the inevitable visual challenges we will encounter. The course will be delivered via Zoom, each session will begin and end via a group chat. Throughout the session members of the group will be able to post comments, ask questions and share images of their work via Zoom. Julian will also provide one to one feedback as you work on your drawings. Once signed up, you will be added to the Zoom meeting and Julian will guide you from there. Find out more and book a place:

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