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Blitzed Epsom

Type: Event

Location: Bourne Hall Museum

Entry: Free Entry

Event Date: 11/08/2021

At 4:56pm on 7 September 1940, the air raid sirens wailed as the German Air Force launched a massive raid on London. Over 350 bombers flew across the Channel from airfields in France and dropped 300 tons of bombs on the docks and streets of the East End of London. The Blitz had begun – a constant rain of death that fell heaviest on London and hammered other cities. Month after month, German bombers attacked British cities, ports and industry. London was bombed every day and night for almost 11 weeks. During the Blitz 32,000 civilians were killed and 87,000 were seriously injured. How did people live with this death from the air? What could you do to survive? What was life like in Epsom and Ewell, and how did they cope? Be prepared with gas mask training and air raid drill, and learn what to expect after a bomb has fallen. Could you deliver messages in an air raid during the blackout? Discover how to put out one of the firebombs that were dropped in their tens of thousands on Epsom during the war. Try to play fag cards like wartime children, discover the size of your sweet ration, and guess where to find bits of bomb after a raid.

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