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Richard Slee: Mantlepiece Observations

Type: Event

Location: Hove Museum and Art Gallery

Entry: Free Entry

Event Date: 17/09/2021

End Date: 25/01/2022

Richard Slee is a prominent British contemporary ceramic artist. For Mantlepiece Observations Slee takes his inspiration from the archive of Mass Observation, the pioneering social research organisation. One of the first tasks the Mass Observation volunteer observers were given was to write down ‘in order from left to right’ what was on their mantlepieces. Mantlepiece Observations is concerned with the unusual significance of certain domestic objects. Slee begins with something ordinary – a clock, a pair of pottery dogs, a Toby jug – and changes it in some way that invests it with new interest. For this exhibition, he has taken words and phrases that appear in the 1937 mantelpiece reports and transformed them into new ceramic pieces. He has also drawn inspiration from the work of the Mass Observation photographer, Humphrey Spender, who is best-known for his documentary images of Bolton in the 1930s.

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