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Explore! The Ruff Stuff

Explore! The Ruff Stuff

Type: Event

Location: Wycombe Museum

Entry: Paid Entry

Event Date: 19/04/2024

Interactive learning workshops aimed at home educators, targeted at different age groups. Sessions will be run on a different theme, with role play, museum object handling, crafts and activities. This session we will be looking at The Ruff Stuff: the history of lace making in High Wycombe! How is lace made, and who made it? How was it sold? What was the social status of those who made and sold it? What was it used for, and what did it feel like to wear? Find out in April’s Explore! Time slots: Ages 4 – 6: 11am – 12pm Ages 7 – 11: 12.30 – 1.30pm Please note these age ranges are recommendations rather than rules, and is an indication of who the session will be best for. If you have multiple children who fall into different age categories, it’s okay to bring both to one session. Please select whichever session you think will be most appropriate for your children. We’ll do our best to accommodate children who fall outside of the recommended age range, and will have resources available from both sessions that can be made available. Please note that if bringing younger children to the 7-11 session, some of the museum objects we offer for handling might require closer adult supervision.