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There is definitely a buzz in the county again! Even after a few days, there is a sense of life moving forward with a palpable energy as the Surrey museums and galleries begin reopening their doors.

It has been one of the longest and toughest years that the cultural sector has endured, and we are under no illusion that we are facing a long road to recovery, but we have to take the positives where we can, and right here and now we will fully embrace and enjoy welcoming our communities back into our spaces.

All around Surrey, exhibitions are up, family events are selling out, talks and tours and even school bookings are getting busy again. Yes, there will be safety measures in place for a while as you would expect, but you can at last explore in the flesh with friends and family. After months within the same walls, it will surely be a refreshing change and stimulation for the mind, body and soul to be able to wander in our beautiful cultural settings once more.

And the museum staff cannot wait to greet you.

To find out which museums are open, check our Quick A-Z List.


If you’re interested in finding out more from behind the scenes in the sector, this excellent article from Museums & Heritage Advisor sums up the impact on the cultural sector and the joy of reopening from a National perspective.

Museums reopen across England and Wales in ‘emotionally significant moment for the nation’





Main Blog Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash